70 Anni di Sapere è Sapore

Salumi tipici abruzzesi

I salumi Costantini rendono felici grandi e piccini

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Hams by F.lli Costantini

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“Prosciuttino” (Little Ham)
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Since 1950 the Salumificio Costantini has been synonymous with ...

High Quality

From the very beginning the company has focused everything on "360° Quality" which starts from the selection of the best charcuterie pigs from Central Italy (Abruzzo, Marche and Umbria), continues in every phase of the slaughtering and production processes, up to the seasoning, preservation and distribution.

Knowing about Three Generations

For generations the Costantini family has been linked to the land, knowing that in respect for the land lies the taste of good things. The same taste of the products that have the merit of carrying the Costantini brand.


The unmistakable taste of Salumi Costantini is also due to the uniqueness of the microclimate, since the farm is located about 20 km. from the Gran Sasso d'Italia and about 10 km. from the Adriatic Sea, a condition that guarantees the perfect mix of humidity, temperature and air quality.

Our Roots, between Marche and Abruzzo

The Salumificio Costantini cannot ignore the land on which it has its roots, situated on the border between two wonderful regions: Marche and Abruzzo

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