Supply of Cured Meats to Companies

The Salumi of F.lli Costantini have the perfect organoleptic characteristics to be chosen by the best grocers in central Italy and beyond, since they are present in the best restaurants, wine bars, bistrot and also in the specialty departments of the best supermarkets. To start or reinvigorate your food and wine business, taking into consideration

1950 – 2020… A 70 years old history

In 2020 the Salumificio dei Fratelli Costantini reaches the important milestone of 70 years. Thanks to the brilliant intuition of the founder Luciano Costantini, father of the three brothers Enrico, Giustino and Nazzareno, the company came to life in 1950. Despite the very sad period for our territory, still in full after the war, Luciano

MUN certification recognized at the Salumificio F.lli Costantini

A story that begins in 1950 with the grandfather Luciano Costantini, then continued with his sons Giustino, Nazzareno and Enrico and their grandchildren. Since the foundation, the search for quality has taken precedence, linked to the natural riches of a privileged territory for its resources. Quality of the raw material of the pigs, coming from