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I salumi Costantini rendono felici grandi e piccini

Our Story

Our Story

The “Salumificio Costantini” was born in 1950 in Torano Nuovo, an ancient and characteristic medieval village in the Province of Teramo, from the work and commitment of the founder: Luciano Costantini. Luciano began raising a few pigs every year, making hams, loin, sausages, salami and ventricina. Right from the start his products were appreciated throughout the area and the demand increased exponentially; a small artisan activity was becoming a known and constantly growing reality.

His sons, Giustino, Nazzareno and Enrico, developed the idea, creating the structures of over 10,000 square meters, divided between laboratories, dryers, warehouses and offices, making Salumificio Costantini one of the most important sausage factory in Abruzzo.

Giustino “the man of a thousand resources” had, thanks to constant collaboration with his brothers, the vision of what could and should become the company created by his father; guided by fate, contained in its name (from the Latin “Iustus” that is right, honest) it was immediately the engine of growth and its values ​​are still inspirational today for all those who work every day in the Salumificio Costantini.

Birth of the company – 1950

The founder of the factory, Luciano Costantini, created in 1950 a small pig farm with which he began to produce and subsequently sell small quantities of salami. By improving the artisan production techniques year by year and, consequently, also the quality of the products, Luciano slowly manages to enter the Abruzzo cured meat market, making himself known for the quality that was immediately characteristic of his products.

Entry of his Sons – 1978

After spending their childhood alongside their father learning the art of cured meats from an early age, the three sons of Luciano, Enrico Giustino and Nazzareno, take the reins of the company. In almost thirty years of activity Luciano had already led the sausage factory to make an exponential growth, making the quality of his products known throughout Abruzzo. With the entrance of the three pillars and with the advent of the economic boom, the Salumificio Costantini officially takes off.

Birth of “Eccellenze” – 2013

With an experience on the shoulders of sixty years now, the Costantini brothers have one goal: to excel. After long periods of experimentation and selection of meats, a new line of products called “Eccellenze” born. High quality cold cuts, selected and cared for in every aspect, which give a unique and spectacular final result. Loved in Italy and abroad, these high quality products have become the symbol of greatness of the company and of the Abruzzo’s culinary tradition.

70th anniversary – 2020

The long journey of Salumificio Costantini does not stop and, after a long career of satisfactions, the milestone of 70 years has been reached. The fundamental ingredient that led to this result was Quality. The latter obviously has a price, but it is still better to sell a large number of cured meats with a reasonable margin than to sell less of them with a large profit. This allows a large number of people to buy and enjoy our products and give more people a job and a good salary. These are in fact the objectives that the Salumificio F.lli Costantini have always set themselves, always managing to achieve them.